A Polite Bribe at Butler University

A Polite Bribe at Butler University November 5, 2014

A Polite Bribe: See the Movie, Meet the Filmmaker

A showing of the critically-acclaimed film “A Polite Bribe” by Robert Orlando will take place onThursday, November 13, at 7pm, in Gallahue Hall, room 108. The showing will be followed by a Q&A discussion, featuring Robert Orlando himself, together with Dr. James F. McGrath of Butler’s Department of Philosophy and Religion, and Dr. Perry Kea of the University of Indianapolis.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Faith and Vocation as well as the Department of Philosophy and Religion.

Robert Orlando will also be making himself available for conversation with students in Dr. McGrath’s class on Paul and the Early Church, which will meet at 1pm on Thursday, November 13, in Gallahue 101That session is open to anyone who is interested, and not only students enrolled in the class.

A flyer with more information can be found here:


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