A Student’s Prayer

A Student’s Prayer December 17, 2014

I recently learned that Cate Pickens, a student at Butler University, has started up a new blog, and it includes a post about Cybertopia, which is her final paper from a course she took with me last year. You’ll probably also appreciate her “College Student’s Prayer at Christmastime” which includes things like these:

Dear Lord;

I am firstmost thankful for the brain in my head and the filter on my mouth, that I will neither offend nor traumatize the congregation at church and my 95 year-old grandmother. I pray that said filter remain firmly in place, Lord, as I am led into temptation to use Your Name in a variety of creative yet inappropriate ways throughout this Christmas season…

Speaking of German, I would ask, Lord, that You protect me from loss of memory and guide me to the correct conjugations when I am asked to speak in German, and grant me the peace of mind to smile and nod when I am told, for the 9165th time, that Spanish is more practical.

As for my other academics, my prayer is that You grant me the serenity to accept the final semester grades I cannot change, the courage to tell my parents I failed COM101, and the wisdom to check “No” on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act next semester.

Click through to read the whole thing.


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