Assessing the Lost Gospel

Assessing the Lost Gospel December 1, 2014

Mark Goodacre has been sharing Richard Bauckham’s response to the claims made in the book The Lost Gospel in installments. Here are links to the posts in question:

Part 1: The Chronicle of Pseudo-Zachariah Rhetor – Content and Context

Part 2: Misinterpreting Ephrem

Part 3: Misreading Joseph and Aseneth

Part 4: Responding to Simcha’s Responses

We had an interesting discussion in the Blogger session at SBL this year about this phenomenon, of scholars posting pdfs on blogs even when they do not have blogs themselves, rather than wait to publish in the traditional slower format and have their response to sensational claims delayed as a result. I wonder whether this is likely to be increasingly common, and if so, whether such materials will still need to be published in a traditional journal in order for the author to get “credit” for it in terms of their professional activity.


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