Ken Ham, Whovian

Ken Ham, Whovian December 1, 2014

I learned previously that Ken Ham is a Doctor Who fan. But a photo in a recent article on RawStory made it clear that he is a die-hard Whovian.

I find it distressing enough that he is associated with my faith tradition as a Christian. But that he is a Whovian as well seemed too much to bear.

But then I realized that this is a good thing. It is a reminder that Ken Ham, whatever the harm he does to Christianity or to science education, is nevertheless a human being like me. It is so easy to see the evils and shortcomings and flaws of others, but none of us is entirely without them.

How do you react when you learn that someone whose statements you find disturbing is a fan of something that you also like – a TV show, a movie, a band, or anything else? And how might the Doctor deal with someone like Ken Ham? I can think of a number of episodes which suggest that, given his broad universal perspective, he might merely smile at Ham’s wrongness and get on with fighting the real monsters…


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