If The World Were Flat

If The World Were Flat December 8, 2014

We often talk about flat-earthers and the view that ancient people once held that the earth was flat. IO9 shared the video above about what it would actually be like to live on a flat world, and how it would differ from ours.

Watch it all the way through, to learn about the Big Globe conspiracy…

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  • David Evans

    Nice discussion of gravity. But do any flat-Earthers really think the disc-shaped Earth is accelerating upwards at 1g? After 1 year of acceleration it would be moving at close to the speed of light, and all the stars in the direction of travel would be blue-shifted. After a few millennia we would be moving very close to the speed of light. Starlight would look like X-rays, interstellar dust and gas would scour away our atmosphere…

    Not to mention that with the Earth and Moon in the positions they have to be in to explain the Earth’s curved shadow during an eclipse, no-one on the inhabited face could see the Moon at all!

    (Cancel that. I wasn’t thinking straight. But no way could a flat Earth cast a curved shadow on the Moon when the eclipsed Moon is on the horizon. As it often is)

    But maybe I’m taking it all too seriously.

    • Apparently you’re drinking all that “expanding galaxy” kool-aid. The stars wouldn’t be blue-shifted! The stars are just a few thousand miles above the flat earth, and accelerating up at the same speed.

      In fact our entire universe can be encompassed within a few thousand miles of the earth, and it’s all just accelerating up forever.

      On the back of a turtle with hydrogen rockets for legs.

      • And now I really want someone to make a drawing or painting this view of the world, with the turtle with rocket legs…

        • Red_Fox

          So the world is being moved by Gamera?

          • That was my first thought at James’ suggestion – photoshopping a Gamera screen shot onto a flat earth!

      • David Evans

        I think Ernst Mach and a number of philosophers would ask what it means to say that the whole universe is accelerating. In what reference frame?* Still, a lovely image.

        * Don’t tell me, I just worked it out. God’s reference frame, of course.

        • Not God’s reference frame – the turtle’s reference frame.*

          *Or maybe that’s the same thing …

  • TomS

    As far as I know, there is no serious flat-earth society. Charles K. Johnson’s was the last, and I suspect that a majority of its members were joking. What little I’ve seen of today’s organizations, they can’t keep up the pretense for long without having to make jokes. Undoubtedly, there are isolated persons, but I don’t think that they can agree enough on their ad hoc solutions to form a society.