Nothing is Impossible for God, Except Evolution

Nothing is Impossible for God, Except Evolution December 3, 2014

I always find it ironic when young-earth creationists and other anti-science folks say that biological evolution seems to them too fantastic to believe, despite the strong evidence showing that it occurred – and then proceed to say they believe something even more fantastic and which is at odds with the evidence.

If your stance is that nothing is impossible with God, then that includes not just creation in an instant and creation in six days and intelligently designing malaria, but also evolution.

If evolution seems impossible to you, then maybe you need to enlarge your vision of what God is capable of.

Of related interest, Evolving Perspectives offered this cartoon:

Evolution of Christianity

Don’t look too seriously at the branches, unless you want to be irritated. Most of them are wrong. I think they are offered tongue-in-cheek, and not because the maker of the tree really thinks that Anabaptists are older than Islam. Note the presence of Yadayadas and Blahblahblahs on there.


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  • histrogeek

    The Abrhamic traditions certainly make a good clade, but wow does the cartoonist not know their history very well. I’m suspecting they were using an existing diagram and had only the most superficial info.
    Seriously Scientology comes from Mormonism? Not seeing it, and I’m not fond of either.

  • TomS

    If you’d excuse a little nit-picking, I try to avoid using the verb “evolve” in the past tense. Evolution is a process which occurs whenever and wherever there is life. It isn’t something that just happened to fossils.

    • Indeed, I ought to have said “occurred and continues to occur”!

  • James, I think your argument proves too much. Certain things ARE impossible for a good, just and loving God. Like Velveeta, and reality TV.

    • Well done! Yet another valid iteration of the argument from evil!

  • David Evans

    I think YECs and other anti-evolutionists are not saying that evolution is flatly impossible. They are more likely saying one or both of these things:

    1 Evolution is impossible without the intervention of some outside force – which might be God, The Intelligent Designer, space aliens or something else.

    2 God would not (as opposed to could not) operate by way of evolution as described. Maybe because it’s a cruel and wasteful process.

    Neither of these is self-contradictory, or denies the omnipotence of God.

  • Sean Garrigan

    It isn’t a question of God’s power; it’s a question of whether a process men invented is capable of doing what men claim it can do, esp when there’s no reason to believe it is.

    • Would it not be better to remain silent than to resort to lies? Humans “invented” evolution only in the same sense that we “invented” the weak nuclear force, or moons around Jupiter. We discovered and described them, but they were already there. And the evidence in each case is overwhelming. And so the response I have to offer once again is to aks how long you intend to engage in this despicably dishonest campaign of lies, and why truth and honesty seem to have no value whatsoever for you.

      • Sean Garrigan

        You may be the least “Christian” professed Christian I’ve ever encountered. Every time you respond with such nonsense you demonstrate that “Progressive Christianity” isn’t “progressive” at all. It’s the same old heresy hunting, opponent demonizing, Satan satisfying garbage that has unfortunately marked traditional Christianity from the start. You simply have different heretics and a different god.

        • There are lots of different ways that people have tried to excuse their promulgation of falsehoods. I will certainly say that complaining that pointing out your deceit is a form of ‘heresy hunting’ is a creative approach to self-justification. But there has been no hunting – you deliberately make a point of uttering despicable falsehoods here in public, and that you would blame those who point out how despicable this is, as though the guilt is theirs, and would call standing against your lies “unchristian,” is something that you should be every bit as ashamed of as the falsehoods that you have spread.

          • Sean Garrigan

            You’re just upset that I introduced another one of your rhetorical hot-air balloons to a pin.

          • You clearly think your wit, or your insight, is sharper than it is.

          • Sean Garrigan

            Ironically, that’s exactly what I thought about you when I read the title of this blog entry. You know, because there are soooooooo many people out there arguing that Darwinism must be wrong because of some weakness in God.

            On the other hand, since you’ve brought it up, it is logically possible that it’s logically impossible for the myriads and myriads of life forms on this planet to have emerged via random mutation and natural selection, supplemented by gene transfer, etc. As lbehrendt pointed out, there are things that God can’t do, and I would say that anything which is logically impossible is probably something that He can’t do.

            Thanks for pointing the way to a fresh argument;-)