The Physics of Water Into Wine

The Physics of Water Into Wine December 31, 2014


Some physicists have done a study of the energy involved in turning water into wine. It seems that it may in fact have involved a very different process than what SMBC depicted in cartoon form a while back:

SMBC water wine

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  • joriss

    And what about the food multiplication, reported in all four gospels?
    5000 persons need, let’s say, 2000 kg food. That is 2.000.000 grammes of matter. The energy equivalent of 1 gram matter is the same amount of energy, released by the Hiroshima Bomb, enough to kill more than 100.000 people. So what Jesus did was just equal to raising the energy of 2 million atom bombs from nothing. No little “big bang” involved. Jesus apparently did not need a big bang to create matter from nothing here….It occurred all smoothly, without any natural or supernatural manifestations, except the fact that everybody was fed from 5 breads and two fishes.
    Why then would God have needed a big bang, to create the universe? He could have done it in the same way as Jesus multiplied food, couldn’t He?

    • Shiphrah99

      Jewish mothers were involved. “Oh, wait, I got an extra nice piece fish here. I’ll put it in the basket” 🙂