Hurtado on Paul’s Messianic Jesus

Hurtado on Paul’s Messianic Jesus January 5, 2015

Larry Hurtado shared a link to the above video of his 2014 lecture on Paul’s Messianism as a variant of ancient Jewish Messianism.

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  • Anthony Le Donne

    I was just reading a couple essays by Matt Levenson (cited favorably here) today. Really impressive stuff!

  • Boobah7

    James, are you going to do any more reviews of Richard Carrier’s new book?

    • Probably, at some point, if there seems to be ongoing interest in the volume. But in the short term, I have more pressing projects to focus on.

      • I’m not sure what would eat up your time the most: writing another blog review of Richard Carrier; or answering the 500 mythicist responses in comments.

        • Oh, trying to respond to the comments would be the worse sinkhole of time. Maybe that is what “sealioning” really is. The 500 comments suggesting something is “a problem that has never been addressed,” in place of the commenters spending their time actually reading scholarship on the topic in question and discovering that most of the points they mention either have been addressed before, or are not in fact relevant in the way they assume.

          • I guessed as much – I’ve seen blog posts that have required enormous patience from you in replying to repetitive commenting from folks who aren’t really dealing honestly with the material. If I were you, I would be hesitating with my finger over the “post” button, thinking “do I really want to deal with the comments” – every time I was about to post on mythicism, evolution, or almost anything left of evangelical.

          • Or Evangelical, or right of Evangelical? 🙂