Importing Modern-Day Science Into Ancient Texts

Importing Modern-Day Science Into Ancient Texts January 25, 2015

I shared a long quote from Mike Beidler a while back, and a discussion occurred about how important his point was, but also how wordy, and thus not meme-friendly. Mike kindly boiled his point down to the above Most Interesting Man in the World meme, and I think it does the job very nicely. Compare it to the original and let me know what you think!


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  • Yes, this is much more concise than his previous meme!

  • sbh

    Well, I liked the previous one better. I suppose this one makes up for its lack of clarity by its brevity.

    • To each his own … so I’m pulling an “Apostle Paul” by attempting to be all things to all men. 😉

  • ChuckQueen101

    Love it!