John Walton on Genesis and Ancient Creation Ideas

John Walton on Genesis and Ancient Creation Ideas January 8, 2015

I became aware today of two talks by John Walton. The first is primarily about Genesis 1-3, the second is primarily about the ancient context of Israel’s thought about creation.


"Oh wait, is that what happened after this? :"

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  • Gary

    Since there aren’t any comments here, might as well out-gas.
    Two cornerstones of Walton seem to be questionable.
    1. Bible texts “written for us, not to us”. Multiple interpretations by apologetics. Redaction, and weaving together of diverse sources. Multiple translations resulting in a wide variety of denominations and cults.. Rather obscure sayings of Jesus. All for us?
    2. Authority of scripture, delegated to authors. To redactors? To compilers? To scribes who changed texts, accidently or on purpose? False names of authors attributed to texts.
    Would seem better to leave 1 & 2 out of the presentations, and just state that you must consider the time and culture of the authors, and drop the “sermon” part of it.

    • I think it is a case of knowing your audience – and of that initial audience not necessarily being the only one that watches when the video ends up on Facebook.

      • Gary

        Oh well…I can’t be too critical of a guy getting a free trip to New Zealand to give a presentation. As I have been told, “Good duty, if you can get it”.

  • Tim Seiger

    The second guy seemed to miss the point. Walton never argued that God did not create materially rather he argued that Genesis 1 and 2 are not dealing with that idea. I went looking the question and answer session and found it here where Walton offers a brief refutation prior to the Q and A.