LOST Rewatch: I Do

LOST Rewatch: I Do January 26, 2015

Jack tells Ben how severe his tumor is, but indicates that he doesn’t plan to operate, since he doesn’t see any reason to trust them to let him go afterwards. Juliette brings Kate to see Jack. Kate asks Jack to do the operation, saying that otherwise they will kill Sawyer. Jack is unconvinced that the Others can be trusted. But then, after Sawyer and Kate make love, and they use the intercom to wake Jack and tell him to try the door. Jack goes to the room with the closed circuit screens, and he sees Kate and Sawyer together, as well as finding a closet with guns. Ben then shows up and says that he was surprised too. Jack says he will operate tomorrow, as long as they will keep their promise and let him off the island.

While Jack operates, Danny goes to kill Sawyer. He expresses surprise that Ben put his life in the hands of “one of them,” and then adds, Shepard wasn’t even on Jacob’s list. During the operation, Jack makes a small incision in Ben’s kidney sack, and if he doesn’t stitch it up within an hour, Ben will die. Jack then tells Friendly to come in and bring his walkie talkie. Danny wants to take revenge for his wife Coleen. But he is interrupted. Friendly has him give his walkie talkie to Kate. He tells Kate to leave and to radio when she is safe.

lost-ido-3_lilly_fillion_460_1163100676In flashbacks, we see Kate engaged to be married to a police officer named Kevin. He thinks her name is Monica. Her soon-to-be mother-in-law gives Suzanne gives her a necklace which her mother had given to her. The priest in the church mentions that Kevin told him that he values Monica’s honest and that, with her, “what you see is what you get.” Subsequently, we see her shopping for ingredients for dinner. Then she calls the U. S. Marshall. He says that it is the Feast of the Ascension and a lot of holy days have passed since she last called. She asks him to stop chasing her, since she wants to settle down. Later, she takes a pregnancy test, but it is negative. She then confesses to Kevin, that her name isn’t Monica and that she is on the run for blowing up her father. She says she loves him but can’t stay. She drugs him so that they will not think he knew the truth about her and helped her. She leaves his mother’s necklace in his hand.

Locke tells Sayid that he believes Eko died for a reason – he just doesn’t know what that reason is yet. He says something similar when they bury him. Locke hammers the “Jesus stick” into the ground by the grave, and sees where it says “Lift up your eyes and look north” carved into it.

This is the first episode to mention Jacob. With hindsight we can see that Ben did not always follow orders from Jacob, at least not precisely, and that much of the time he did not know what Jacob wanted. That makes for a certain oddity about the situation. Why did Jacob have a group of people on the island to help protect it, and yet not communicate with them more clearly or directly? Was it because his main concern was not just to protect the island, but to find a replacement for himself as the principal protector, and Ben and his crew were not suitable? Was it just his reclusiveness, and desire not to be killed by someone manipulated by his brother until he had found a replacement? At this point, it seems that some of the elements that are part of the story sit awkwardly with the final season.

But perhaps that is because we assume, as Kate’s fiance did, “what we see is what we get,” when in fact, the pieces of the LOST puzzle are so hard to fit together because just about everyone was lying and engaging in manipulation.

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