LOST Rewatch: Lockdown

LOST Rewatch: Lockdown January 3, 2015

In a flashback, we see Locke planning to propose to Helen. She reads the obituaries and says Anthony Cooper, Locke’s father, has died. They go to the burial. A minister reads from 1 Thessalonians about the resurrection. Locke says he forgives his father. Later, we see Locke working as a home inspector – giving a report to Nadia. There he sees his father in a car, waiting to talk to him, and he says he pretended to kill himself off in order to escape two men he had conned of $700,000. He gives Locke the key to the safe deposit box where the money is. Locke goes and gets the money, and brings it to the hotel. Helen shows up and is disappointed by the fact that John lied to her. She won’t stay even though John asks her to marry him.

In the hatch, there is a sound of static over the speakers. There is a choppy voice, hard to make out, but eventually he hears a coutdown and then blast doors come down when it reaches zero. He manages to slip a crow bar under one if them before it lowers completely. He lets “Henry” out to help him to try to lift a blast door. Locke then ends up caught under it when trying to squeeze underneath it. Locke then asks him to go up through the vent and push the button. Black lighting comes on, and Locke sees the map painted on the blast door. Afterwards, a parachute is found with food.

Ana, Sayid, and Charlie find a grave, beneath a balloon with a smiley face on it caught in the trees. We learn when they get back to the camp that even so, Sayid did not believe and so he dug up the grave and found that it was not a woman buried there, but a man named Henry Gale.

Although it only featured briefly, the map on the blast door became the subject of intense discussion and speculation, with a detailed image being published in a magazine the week that the episode aired. LOST knew how to develop an engaging show that would make people want to read magazines and follow clues. And so might one say that it fits the genre of “soap opera“?


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