LOST Rewatch: Tricia Tanaka is Dead

LOST Rewatch: Tricia Tanaka is Dead January 30, 2015

In a flashback, Hurley’s father tells him that hope is never stupid, and “in this world, you gotta make your own luck.”

On the island, we see Hurley talking about his experience, and being scared most of his time on the island, except when he was with Libby. He is talking to her, at her grave, which has a cross to mark it. He puts a flower there.

Charlie tells Hurley that Desmond said he is going to die. Hurley says it might be his fault, that he is cursed and death follows him. Then Vincent comes carrying an arm, which is still holding a key. Hurley follows Vincent, and when he drops the arm, the key is on a rabbit foot keychain, and then Vincent leads him to a vehicle in the jungle. Inside, the corpse of the driver has Dharma overalls, indicating his name is Roger, a Work Man.

In a flashback, a reporter is interviewing Hurley about buying Mr, Cluck, where he used to work. Reporter Tricia Tanaka goes inside, then a meteor hits the restaurant. When he gets home and says he is cursed, his mother says she can prove that he isn’t cursed. She shows him that his father has returned, after having been away for 17 years. At dinner, there is a solid gold statue in the middle. Hurley’s father says, “That’s a hell of a Jesus.” Hurley says his father came back because of the money. He says he wants to get rid of the money. When Hurley’s mom says “I have needs,” she covers the ears if the Jesus statue. To cheer him up, Hurley’s father takes him to a psychic. She says that there is a curse on him, but it can be exorcized. She tells him to take off his clothes. Hurley offers her $10,000 to tell him the truth, and she says that his dad put her up to it. His father confesses being there for the money. He says Hurley should give the money away, that it is never too late for a fresh start.

Kate and Sawyer make it back to their camp, and on the way, they talk about a clean slate (and Sawyer mentions Little House in the Prairie). Sawyer gets involved in fixing the car, but Jin says it cannot be fixed. Hurley says they need hope, but Sawyer says that if he wants hope, he is on the wrong island, as there is no hope there. Hurley prays for help. Sawyer makes a snide remark and says, “Here’s help,” and tosses him a can of beer. He sees the beer go past him and roll down a hillside, and it gives Hurley an idea. He gets Charlie to help him. Sawyer and Jin push the car over the edge while Hurley and Charlie sit in it. As he turns the key, Hurley says “There is no curse, We make our own luck.” The car starts. An 8-Track tape plays “Halls of Shangri-La.”

Kate (followed by Locke and Sayid) goes to find Rousseau, to get help to rescue Jack. Kate tells her that the girl who helped her escape was about 16 years old and named Alex, and she is pretty sure she is Rousseau’s daughter.

It is cool the way the series later reveals that Roger the Work Man is Ben’s father, and how he ended up dead in the van. And within the framework of the episode, it offers an interesting exploration of luck. Hurley’s attempt to start the van might not have worked, but had he not had hope and courage, he certainly never would have succeeded. And the fact that dead Roger had a rabbit’s foot keychain conveys the message that some ideas about luck are pure nonsense. But while certain views of luck may be stupid, hope never is.

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