Best Thing Since Sliced Scripture

Best Thing Since Sliced Scripture February 1, 2015

I really loved a phrase that Leigh Ann Hildebrand used on Facebook recently, when she said that someone thinks a particular Southern Baptist leader is “the best thing since sliced scripture.”

But it also got me thinking about what sliced scripture might mean, and just then I happened across Zack Hunt’s post, asking whether Bible verses are the worst thing ever.

Sure, they make it easier to refer to specific spots in Biblical texts. But is that worth the cost of people thinking of the meaning of those texts in that atomistic fashion?

So I love the phrase. But is sliced scripture in fact a great thing or a terrible one?

For illustration, here’s a photo of a “Bread Book” made by Péter Alpár:

Bible bread

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  • Shiphrah99

    It sure leads to creating “clobber verses” by taking them out of their literary context.

  • Verses lead to oddities like verse number mottos (like “John 3:16”) painted onto billboards and NFL players’ faces.

    It would be like a Shakespeare fan printing nothing but his Dewey Decimal number on a t-shirt: “822.33”

    • PorlockJunior

      OTOH, they enabled Donald Knuth to write a remarkable book (IMHO) on chapter 3, verse 16 of every book in the BIble that has one. With his own translations.

      His choice of 3 and 16 is based on a set of reasonable criteria that lead logically to that pair of chapter and verse. He’s a clever guy, who did the sane sort of reasoning in establishing his hypothetical computer model in The Art of Computer Programming.

      PS: Shortly after he published it, he thought of an alternative handling of John 3:16 that he considered better then the conventional one. Read the book (called 3:16, of course) to find out. Long out of print AFAIK but not too hard to find.

      • interesting – I’ll have to look up Knuth!