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Block and Share February 23, 2015

I’m grateful for the discussions that have been taking place in response to my post about advertisements and ad blocking.

My priority is to have serious discussions and a good user experience. And so here’s my suggestion for how you can maintain that while also expressing your appreciation for my blogging:


What makes the biggest difference to the number of pageviews and thus how much I earn in a given month is not, I think, the number of people using ad block. What makes a big difference is when something goes viral on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, or someplace else like that.

And so here’s my suggestion to those of you who use ad block, because the experience of accessing this blog without it has become a nightmare.


You win. Patheos wins. I win. The internet wins. Everyone’s happy.

I’ll be interested to see whether, if regular readers who use ad block do this regularly, it makes a difference. I will let you know!


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