Correction February 13, 2015

Correction Obama Antichrist

Unvirtuous Abbey shared the image above on Facebook. It is a correction to a letter to the editor. I’m not sure what paper it is from. But while I considered sharing it without comment, it struck me that this end-times approach to religion, which identifies symbols in the Bible with people involved in politics, is in fact just one “correction” after another. Matches are asserted. The end doesn’t come. And so “corrections” are offered to adjust to the reality.

The biggest problem with this is the pretending that the entire approach is not discredited as a result of being wrong so often.

Christianity has repentance as one of its major emphases. When your approach to the Bible has led people to identify as the antichrist people who were not, when it led people to defend slavery, when it has led people to oppose scientific work which was later shown to be correct, don’t just ignore that you were wrong, and don’t just repent and apologize for the error. Repent of the whole way of approaching the Bible which leads you and others into error time and time again.

By its fruits you will know if an approach to the Bible is good or evil.

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