Dog Heaven

Dog Heaven February 23, 2015


Marc Cortez shared the above comic about dog heaven. Is it just a bit of silliness about dogs and chocolate? Or is there a deeper and more serious element to it?

Perspectives from dog owners are especially welcome.

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  • Well, if one imagines heaven to be a place of wish fulfillment, then substitute a human for the dog – one could replace “chocolate” with any of the things a human might crave that is either prohibited, bad for the body, or both:

    “Speed”, “liquor”, “drugs”, “thrills”, “sex”, … or even “chocolate”.

    • That’s theologically interesting. What kind of wishes would we want fulfilled in heaven? C.S. Lewis said something along the lines that any pleasure on earth is just a poor imitation of some greater pleasure in the next world; and also that once we’re there, we can’t want anything bad anymore. If Lewis were to finish this cartoon by writing the St. Peter dog’s response, I imagine it would be something along the lines of “Yes, and something better than chocolate.”

      • Yes, wish fulfillment seems to be the direction this cartoon is taking heaven, and that’s basically Lewis’s take as well in The Great Divorce – he exercises his own personal bit of wish-fulfillment in the book by imagining the narrator having a conversation with Lewis’s literary hero George MacDonald.

      • Shiphrah99


  • Gary

    Beats eating cat poop, which my dog considers a delicacy. Choice meal. Although there is always a reason. Cat food is high in protein, and they don’t process it 100%. So cat poop still has a lot of protein in it. Yummy. Although I don’t know how that impacts their Heaven. Chocolate is bad for dogs. Last bubble should say “can I have cat poop?”

    • Gary

      Of course, the dog’s master might ask for civet coffee in his heaven, having not been able to afford such luxury in his mortal life. Proof of cat superiority.