Let the Lord Decide

Let the Lord Decide February 24, 2015

Let the Lord Decide

I saw this on Reddit, and thought I'd share it. It is a clever addition to a vending machine's options. But I wonder whether pushing the “Let the Lord decide” button gives you one set thing, or randomizes it, or does something else.

Reflecting on this is actually useful, since plenty of people “leave things up to the Lord” without reflecting on what that means. Does it mean accepting whatever happens? Does it mean going for the healthy option of bottled water? Does it mean something else?

Which button would you push and why? For only 50 cents, I think my curiosity would lead me to push the “Let the Lord decide” button, even though I'd really like a root beer, and have no interest in drinking a mountain dew.


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  • At the vending machine in my office, every button let’s the Lord decide. I think our vender has a drinking problem.

  • Melanie D.

    From a technological standpoint, a machine that old would operate with a set number of slots for the cans, directly related to the buttons, so the “let the Lord decide” option would have to be a slot that was filled either at random or with whatever the vendor put in it. Probably whatever they had too much of and wanted to get rid of before it expired.

  • TomS

    This brings to mind several thoughts, the first, unfortunately, is the incident of the Albigensian Crusade when Abbot Arnaud Almaric supposedly said, “Kill them all. For the Lord knows which are his.”

    And then there is the legal phrase “act of God”. I’m not sure whether it means “nobody could be blamed for not foreseeing that that could happen” or what.

    And then there is the creationist complaint against evolution, that evolution is dependent on “chance”; while creationism does not allow creation to be limited by any regularities of natural law, which seems to mean “chance”.

  • The thing this brings to my mind is the growing attitude among some groups of Christians, spearheaded by the “Quiverfull” movement, that not using any form of birth control is the same thing as “letting God decide” your family planning. I have argued on my own blog and elsewhere that since God has set it up so that in most cases the female womb prepares itself for pregnancy automatically every month, this is not “letting God decide” but is simply playing a kind of Russian Roulette. I don’t think God wants to “decide” our family planning for us; I think we should be led by the Spirit, as the New Testament says, meaning we make decisions with the help of prayer, rather than just fatalistically letting whatever happens, happen.

  • arcseconds

    Thing is, a single can from ‘let the lord decide’ tells you little about how it functions, and that would be what I would be most curious about.

    So having that there would probably induce me to spend more than 50¢…

    (I suppose you’d learn something in one can if it provided you with something you couldn’t get on the other options…)

    • Yes, I’d also want to put money in a second time, just to find out whether I got the same thing. Of course, it might be a single dispenser with mixed contents. Maybe what I’d actually want to do is hide and wait until someone opened the vending machine…

      • arcseconds

        I would like to see one with an urim and thummim inside it.