Happy Lincoln and Darwin Day!

Happy Lincoln and Darwin Day! February 12, 2015


Happy Abraham Lincoln’s and Charles Darwin’s Birthday! The image above comes from Newsweek via Playing Chess With Pigeons.

Of related interest, don’t miss Dennis Vennema’s series about Adam, Eve, and population genetics on the BioLogos website.

Also, remember about Evolution Weekend this coming weekend. Bob Cornwall has shared a number of posts and videos for the occasion. Another video for the occasion was circulated by Michael Zimmerman in a recent e-mail:

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  • James — thanks for the reminder on the birthdays and the plugs.

  • snip

    • I think that your despicable dishonesty about Darwin is a greater evil than anything that Darwin himself is responsible for. Seriously, is there not a single drop of honesty or human decency in your body, never mind respect for the teaching of Jesus, that you have so nonchalantly perverted what it means to be a Christian, twisting it into meaning the dishonest denigration of others, while conveniently not requiring of you any consideration, honesty, or accuracy in your own speech?

      • snip

        • The mere fact that people have asserted things doesn’t make it true, much less when you cite notoriously discredited sources.

          How many people do you think someone could find who have asserted that Christianity is to blame for a variety of things?

          I would encourage you to revisit Jesus’ teaching about the beam in one’s own eye.

          • snip

          • Your dishonesty is despicable! Have you no shame? No decency? No honesty? No code of morals whatsoever? How can you cite someone who says he deliberately set out to oppose Darwin in honor of Rev. Moon, and then say that the consensus of historians is “just more of the same from Darwin’s cheerleaders”?! If truth doesn’t matter to you, then what does?


          • snip

          • Every time you have offered a specific claim on behalf of ID, it has been addressed, and yet you leave the same sorts of comments on every post related to evolution nonetheless, just to be a dishonest nuisance. It isn’t in the least honorable, it isn’t in the least open to evidence, and it isn’t in the least honest. And since you have no interest in being even slightly honest or decent or respectful or considerate or to even treat others in the same way you want to be treated, I think it is time to say goodbye. I have standards for the discussions on this blog.