Darwin Didn’t Recant Evolution on His Deathbed

Darwin Didn’t Recant Evolution on His Deathbed February 12, 2015

Hemant Mehta provides a nice brief treatment of this hoax that still circulates in our time.


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  • TomS

    But Galileo, now, he did recant his theory!

    And as far as the supposed effects of death-bed Bible reading, I am reminded of the story of W.C. Fields, who surprised his friends by reading the Bible on this death bed. He explained that he was looking for “loop-holes”.

    Seriously, I know that this is not going to convince anyone, but there is no magic power that the Bible has for convincing anyone to take the time scale of the Primeval History as reflecting history. I don’t see how repeated readings of Methuselah living 969 years is going to change one’s mind.