Jesus, Save Me a Spot!

Jesus, Save Me a Spot! February 12, 2015

Jesus and Mary save me a spot

On Facebook, Scott Paeth shared this creative way someone in Chicago found of claiming a parking spot: conscripting Jesus and Mary (or is it Mary and Joseph, from a nativity set?) to indicate that the spot is taken. Who’s going to argue with members of the holy family?

I’ve heard people pray to find a parking spot before, but this is the first time that I’ve seen someone physically bring figures of the ones they pray to in to get the job done.

"This has the makings of a great sermon, preached on the Book of Friends."

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  • PorlockJunior

    Would this be an allusion to the old prayer, so familiar from one’s college days,

    Hail Mary, full of grace,
    Help me find a parkin’ place.
    (refrain) Sittin’ on the dashboard of my car