The Bible as Fantasy

The Bible as Fantasy February 11, 2015

I shared some science fictional explorations of Biblical texts by Ben Riddlebarger previously. He has been hard at work since then, and has offered more, including Gandalf as Moses, Shrek riding Donkey into Jerusalem, Peter being asked to perform a waterbender’s feat, and David vs. Godzilla.

I appreciate these because they raise questions about how and why people view one set of stories differently than another. Those who lump the Bible together with fairy tales, in general, tend to be ignoring questions of genre, and also to have a disturbingly negative view of fairy tales. But some parts of the Bible are fantastical in nature, and yet it can be very hard for many people to appreciate them as such – as literature, in some cases based on historical figures, but in their present form, as stories that need to be considered and appreciated first and foremost as stories.

The way Riddlebarger works a particular sponge into the Bible, however, seems to me a bit of a stretch…

Take a look at the examples I mentioned, of which I’m including a couple below, and then leave a comment about what you think can be learned by relating the Bible to more recent works in the genre of fantasy.


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