Ark Park Financial Troubles: Proof Young-Earth Creationism is Neither Scientific nor Christian

Ark Park Financial Troubles: Proof Young-Earth Creationism is Neither Scientific nor Christian February 10, 2015

It is like a one-two knockout punch. On the one hand, the fact that Answers in Genesis is going to court to try to uphold its illegal and deceptive tax breaks shows a blatant disregard for what Paul writes about engaging in lawsuits in 1 Corinthians (as well as more general concerns like honesty).

On the other hand, if young-earth creationism were true, then the methods that mainstream oil prospectors use to find oil, based on an old earth and processes that young-earth creationists dismiss as “uniformitarian,” ought to be fundamentally flawed. If YECs had a better perspective, then they ought to be better at finding oil. And if they were, then they wouldn’t need the tax breaks. They could promote their Christian equivalent of Wahabism the same way the Saudis have, on the basis of oil-generated wealth.

As Jonathan Baker writes,

[T]he widespread success of oil and gas exploration is perhaps the greatest testament to the accuracy of our age estimates. If the geologic column were created within the past 6,000 years, then no oil or gas should be found today, for the same reason you can’t make a medium-rare pot roast in only 30 seconds. By asserting that the age of rocks is somehow irrelevant to exploration techniques, Dr. Snelling has essentially told every cook to throw out their timers. But I think you all know better than this, and for that matter, so does Andrew Snelling.

And so the Ark Park’s recent financial issues – and the response to them on the part of Answers in Genesis – show that that organization is not Christian in its approach, and its claims are demonstrably wrong.

And just as a reminder, Evolution Weekend is coming up, and it is a great opportunity for Christians to dissociate themselves from young-earth creationist charlatans.

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  • Great! I was all set to have my pot roast done tonight and now it won’t take 30 seconds to cook. Thanks, Obama!

    (Insert sarcastic font above.)

  • Jon Baker

    Hi Dr. McGrath, I think you accidentally attributed your penultimate paragraph to me, but I won’t complain. I tend to agree with your conclusion. 🙂

    • Is that post on your website, about YEC and oil, not by you?

      • Oh, I see what you mean now – part of my own words got caught in the BLOCKQUOTE tag. I’ll fix it…

  • Christopher R Weiss

    *HOPEFULLY* this boondoggle will bankrupt AIG, and we won’t have to see Ken Ham in the news for a while. Unfortunately, Kentucky might take the creation and ark museums into receivership to keep them going.

  • GeneralDrake

    The global flood is as provable as any event in history. The fact that some don’t like the IMPLICATIONS of it is your religious bias. The sedimentary layers don’t lie. A single fossil through supposedly eons of layers debunks every religious nut that claims “science” somehow proves the age of the sediments in billions of years. It’s simply the religious faith of the atheist that upholds the anti-scientific geological column. If seeing is believing…then science proves genesis every time. The CENSORING of hard information is what creationists object to. Let the data speak for itself and those like this former atheist will at least be able to make and intelligent decision based on ALL the evidence which very clearly eliminates all possibility of the creation of life through random events. A trillion times a trillion years are not enough time to ‘create’ all the necessary changes of DNA in all the species of earth. Not to mention the fact that the transitional chains are never ever ever SEEN in the fossil record which simply shows individual species producing ‘after their own kind’ as the Bible said. Not religion…simply history.

    • You have clearly been misinformed about the nature of the geological record, the nature of the fossil record, and a number of other points. But I think the key question is this: why do you choose to get your information about matters of science from demonstrated charlatans, rather than from Christians like Francis Collins who actually have extensive expertise in these areas?

      Let me recommend a couple of books to you.

      On geology, The Bible, Rocks, and Time:

      On evolution, Finding Darwin’s God:

      Both are written by Christians with great expertise in the field in question.

    • ButILikeCaves

      Citation needed, other than Cut & Paste boilerplate from “Evolution News”.

    • Tsuki

      I haven’t been a paleontology/evolution/geology nerd since I was a kid and I can stop holes in those statements. For example, it does not take “trillions times trillions of years” to make changes in DNA. Bacterium change extremely fast; that is why you can’t use hand sanitizer too often, because the 1% that had a mutation that made them impervious to the sanitizer will multiply rapidly, creating an entire colony that has that mutation. In higher animals, it can easily happen in a generation. One animal is born with a mutation, and if that mutation helps that animal survive, it will be able to reproduce and reproduce a lot, all that time passing its mutation to its offspring. My knowledge may be outdated, but that’s a basic explanation. And, I find that a freak mutation that actually helps an animal succeed is very far fetched. In that, I have seen no reason, biblically or scientifically, why evolution could not have been orchestrated by God, as time doesn’t pass for him the same as us.

      On another note. The creation story in Genesis is written as a poem, it is not meant to be a history. It was written to tell who God is and his relationship to humanity not how the Earth was made, and this is how the ancient Jews and early Christians read it. Ancient peoples did not care about historical accuracy, just the message. By trying to have Genesis explain the making of the world, you are trying to make the text do what it is not meant to, and that’s why you run into problems. (Plus, you do know it doesn’t say the Earth is 6,000 years in the Bible, don’t you? That was a failed calculation my a medieval priest and mathematician.)