The Most Interesting Biblical Hermeneutic

The Most Interesting Biblical Hermeneutic February 26, 2015

Most interesting Biblical hermeneutic

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  • I think that Paul does treat women as second class citizens; but since they are treated as chattel in the Old Testament, I like to think of him as establishing a trend that merely needs to be extrapolated. At least that’s how I would explain things back when I still considered myself a theist.

    • John MacDonald

      Just as Paul’s views about women reflect is own personal prejudices and have nothing to do with the will of God, so too does everything else Paul says simply reflect his own personal prejudices and have nothing to do with the will of God.
      Not that there is any God anyway. lol

  • “Interesting”? I’d call it “infuriating.” Particularly since I don’t think Paul himself viewed his injunctions on women as permanent injunctions for all time.

    This hermeneutic is part of the traditional church view on women (which of course came from men), and it shows more about the men who used it than anything else. The basic principle is “Apply the Bible as lightly as possible to ourselves and as strictly as possible to those we want to keep under our control.”

  • Cathy

    It seems a bit of a straw man to me…let’s put out the most extreme statements on the spectrum that most people would not adhere to, and argue against that, rather than what most church leaders actually teach and believe.

    • Except there really is a fairly large group of Christians out there who seem to be preaching exactly this.