Be Next, American Baptists

Be Next, American Baptists March 30, 2015

Pew religions on same-sex marriage

Scot McKnight shared the above infographic. American Baptists ought to have been at the forefront in the fight for marriage equality, given our history. Can we at least be next? Or, in keeping with Baptist principles, can we at least explicitly give each believer and each congregation the freedom to follow the dictates of their conscience on this subject?

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  • John MacDonald

    Homosexuality is not a choice, just like heterosexuality is not a choice. Marriage is one of the purest and most beautiful expressions of love that we have. If God is against same sex marriage, then God is Evil.

    • Cloistered1

      God blesses all unions of love for God is pure love. I’ve been taught
      this at the United Methodist Church (old EUB) since 1970. Also taught
      that we are to be good stewards of the world we live in and to respect and care for
      God’s creation and ALL mankind.. Doesn’t sound like many Christian
      churches today. I am now an ElCA Lutheran well established in a church
      that invites all to the wedding union. Thank God for those who follow
      the teachings of Christ. The main teaching of the NT is God Is Love.
      Therefore, we should love as well. Nothing short of it will do.

  • Michael David

    The graphic mentions the LDS Church on the prohibit side, but fails to include the Community of Christ (the second largest Latter Day Saint denomination) in the sanctions side. That church (with more members in the US than the various Quaker bodies or the UUA) went though years of a discernment process and currently allows their priesthood to perform same sex marriages in the UK, Canada, Australia, and any US states where same sex marriage is legal. In states where same sex marriage is not currently legal, their priesthood is allowed to officiate at commitment services.

  • Guest

    Incorrect. UMC supports same sex unions.

  • There are American Baptist churches and pastors that support gay marriage. There was a split years ago in my region over the issue, with several congregations leaving because the national congregation wouldn’t take a string stance against homosexuality. My experience had been ABCUSA very much takes the soul liberty stance on the issue.

  • Shahla Khan Salter

    Some Muslims are officiating same sex nikkahs (marriages). In my blog here I show a photo of Ani Zonneveld (yes a Muslim woman) officiating. Do your research before you further promote the monolithic image of Islam and Muslims.

  • MPV

    We disagree vehemently with the absoluteness of placing Islam in the “prohibits same-sex marriage” category. Same sex marriage have been conducted in Muslim majority countries, albeit quietly and not officially. We have been conducting same-sex Islamic marriages called “nikah”. Marriage in the Quran is defined between two souls. For our LGBTQ resources:

  • Andrew Dowling

    There’s a huge gap between independent Baptist churches (which can be fairly liberal) and the SBC. SBC is not going to touch gay marriage with a ten foot pole anytime soon.

    • I think you are confusing American Baptists – the denomination which the SBC broke away from over the issue of slavery – with Independent Baptist Churches, which tend to be more fundamentalist than SBC ones.

  • DannyG

    Thanks for the infographic! And good luck with your call for the American Baptists.
    Is it just me or is the infographic missing the various Orthodox churches?

    • The infographic has a lot of shortcomings and generalizations. I shared it mainly as a starting point for appealing to my own denomination.

  • Libby Anne complains about the overgeneralized treatment of some religions but not others in the chart: