Is Panentheism Atheism?

Is Panentheism Atheism? March 22, 2015

In the video above, Henry Neufeld asks a question which was also discussed here on this blog recently: is panentheism atheism?

Hemant Mehta also discussed a book by Nancy Abrams, about a God that atheists might be able to embrace. The book is called A God That Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of Our Planet.

See also the discussion on that same blog of how human religion tends to think of God as akin to the alpha male in primate societies.

See too Dwight Welch’s contribution to a multi-person conversation, in which he suggests that God may be personal but not a person.

Since sharing the first of the videos above, Henry Neufeld shared another video on a related topic, panentheism and Christianity.


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