LOST Rewatch: Because You Left

LOST Rewatch: Because You Left March 22, 2015

The fifth season begins wonderfully, with us witnessing Dr. Marvin Candle filming the orientation video for the Arrow station. He is interrupted because something has happened at the Orchid. As they were drilling, their drill melted. Candle talks about the energy there and time travel. Daniel Faraday is there!

Three years earlier, the island moves. Dan compares the island to a record that is skipping, and that whatever Ben did at the Orchid dislodged them in time. Locke, elsewhere, sees the Nigerian plane come in for a hard landing. He tries to reach it, but is shot by Ethan. Ethan wants to kill him, but they shift in time again before he can. In the time when he ends up, Richard Alpert comes to help him. He tells him that Locke will tell him in the future about having been shot. When Locke says that Ethan shot him, Richard says (in what is one of the great lines in the show), “What goes around, comes around.” He tells him that the next time he sees him he will not recognize him, and gives him a compass to give to him. Richard tells him that he needs to get his friends back there, and to accomplish it, he’s going to have to die.

Then we see Jack talking with Ben at the funeral parlor. They will take Locke’s body and then get the others. Ben asks Jack what Locke said that made him a believer. The answer is that he said that Sawyer, Juliette, and everyone else would die if they do not come back.

Two attorneys show up at Kate’s door saying they have papers requiring her to give them a blood sample from herself and her son, to determine the relationship between them. Kate tells them to come back with the sheriff, then packs a bag, takes Aaron, and leaves.

Sun and Charles Widmore talk. Sun says their common interest is to kill Benjamin Linus.

Sayid, having taken Hurley from the mental hospital, takes him to the place where he had been staying, but two men are waiting for them. Sayid tells Hurley that if he has the misfortune of ever running into Ben Linus again, whatever he tells him, he should do the opposite.

Dan tells Sawyer that they cannot change the past. Whatever happened, happened. But Dan talks to Desmond, saying the rules don’t apply to him, he is miraculously special. He tells Desmond to go back to Oxford and find his mother, but Dan doesn’t manage to tell Desmond her name. Then Desmond wakes up with Penny on the boat, and tells her it wasn’t a dream, it was a memory. He sets a course for Oxford.

LOST continues to deliver surprises in creative ways, and this season keeps us in suspense to the very end on the question of whether the future will be changed.

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