A Jesus Agnostic Star Trek Robot

A Jesus Agnostic Star Trek Robot April 3, 2015


I had to share this cartoon from Evolving Perspectives. It brings together Jesus-mythicism and Star Trek, after all.

First, if you are wondering about the hat, that is because this is…wait for it…GNOMAD!

But now, about the substance, it seems to me to use “agnostic” in a rather bizarre way. We are not “agnostic” about things that have a certainty that is less than absolute. If I say that something is probable, does that make me an agnostic about it?

Historical uncertainty is a problem for fundamentalist dogmatism. But it seems odd to suggest that anyone who reject such dogmatism is aptly labeled “agnostic.”

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  • Given that the truth of any empirical statement has a probability of less than one, that would make us all agnostic about most things.

  • I agree – this is a ridiculous use of the word “agnostic”. Usually, though, I hear this argument made in the other direction:

    “I’m an atheist.”
    “But you can’t KNOW that God doesn’t exist!
    “Sure, I can’t prove the nonexistence of God, but I find it highly improbable.”
    “See? You’re an agnostic!”

    • Ptheinb


  • Chris

    Gotta agree with the other commenters; less certain than 100% is not “agnostic.”