Exploring Our Matrix On Mobile Devices

Exploring Our Matrix On Mobile Devices April 30, 2015

Patheos announced recently that it will be rolling out a new mobile-friendly version of its site. I know that readers of my blog have been frustrated with some of the technical issues. And so I would encourage you to try out the site today via your mobile device(s), and let me know if and when you notice improvements. I promise to convey any feedback you may have to the tech folks at Patheos.

If you comment about improvements or issues, please do mention the kind of browser and device you use, as that will help track down the problem, and hopefully fix it!


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  • Gary

    I don’t know how easy it is to implement, but I’d like to see “recent comments” in the mobile version. I use the full site because I can’t see recent comments summary. Although I don’t mind the full site version. Although, too, I have to admit occasionally the display shows an error loading, and sends me back to the mobile version. I figure it hiccups on an ad that the display doesn’t like. Not a big deal, but I guess not all ads are equal. Have iPhone 6 plus using Safari.