Geza Vermes Lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Geza Vermes Lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls April 13, 2015

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  • Stephen Goranson

    A correction. Before the Vermes Ph.D., Samuel Iwry wrote an earlier related dissertation: “The Damascus Document and the Dead Sea Scrolls,” 1951, The Johns Hopkins U., advised by W.F. Albright.

  • Stephen Goranson

    Prof. Vermes made great contributions to further Dead Sea Scroll study. In his talk he mentions Qumran archaeology and then his proposal that Jonathan or Simon as High Priests is the time of the Wicked Priest. Archaeology–among other reasons– now suggests that that proposed time may be too early. Some of the reasons are given in “Others and Intra-Jewish Polemic as Reflected in Qumran Texts” online.