LOST Rewatch: Lighthouse

LOST Rewatch: Lighthouse April 17, 2015

The episode begins with Jack in the afterlife world, at home, looking puzzledly at a scar from when he had is appendix out. He asks his mother about it, and she says he had it out when he was 6 or 7 years old. He then runs to pick up his son David from school, and apologizes for being late. We learn that Jack sees David once a month. David just wants to get through their time together, while Jack wants them to bond. Jack goes to see his mother, who can’t find Christian’s will. She finds it, and there is a mention of Claire Liddleton. Jack goes home with a pizza and David isn’t there. He goes to David’s mother’s house, and there is classical music around including Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromptu. He finds a message on the answering machine from Williams Conservatory, saying he has a slot that evening. Jack goes and sees and hears David playing the Chopin piece. There, Dogen and his son are present. Dogen comments on David’s gift and asks him how long he has been playing, and Jack says he doesn’t know. David says that he didn’t tell his father because he didn’t want him to see him fail. Jack tells how his own father told him that he didn’t have what it takes, and says he never wants David to feel that way. Jack says that in his eyes, he can never fail – he just wants to be a part of his life.

LOST-lighthouse-shephardOn the island in the present day, Jacob comes to see Hugo, asking him to write some things down. He says that someone is coming to the island and he needs him to help him find it. Hugo is told to take Jack, and is given a phrase to use to persuade him: “you have what it takes.” Hugo says that Jacob appears whenever he wants to, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. We are given a reminder of the corpses in the caves which they found in the first season. Hurley speculates that the corpses could be them, if they time traveled again to dinosaur times. Jack tells him that he found the cave chasing the ghost of his dead father. He says he smashed the coffin because his father wasn’t in it. They talk about why they came back to the island. Jack says he came back because he was broken and he was stupid enough to think the island could fix him. They reach a lighthouse, and climb to the top. Hurley turns the mirrors, aiming for 108 degrees. Around the outside are their names, and Jack sees his own name at 23 degrees and turns the mirrors there. He sees the house he grew up in. Jack says he wants to know why Jacob was watching him. He gets angry and smashes the mirrors. Jacob appears to Hugo and says that this was to help Jack realize how important he is.

Claire frees Jin from the bear trap. Claire has a creepy pretend baby in a crib. She captures one of the Others and wants to find out what they did with her baby. We learn that the Others captured her, took her to the temple, and branded her like they did with Sayid. Claire kills the man from the Others with an axe, even though Jin tells her that Kate took Aaron. Jin then says he had lied, and Claire says that if it had been true that Kate took Aaron, she would have killed her. Then Smokey arrives, and Claire says that he isn’t John, he’s “her friend.”


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