Religion in the Multiverse

Religion in the Multiverse April 22, 2015

IO9 recently shared a list of the nine weirdest implications of the many worlds viewpoint. One is that you are, in essence, immortal. I’ve blogged before about ways that parallel universes might provide some of the comfort traditionally offered by hope for an afterlife. But immortality comes with a price: there are countless different versions of you and I, some good and some evil, some wonderfully happy and some terribly unhappy. And so, if the science of many worlds pans out, it raises as many theological difficulties as it might be thought to solve. But presumably it will raise some new questions, too. What do you think the big religious issues are that are raised if we discover we inhabit a multiverse?

Along the same lines as this post, I appreciated this image shared by PZ Myers:


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  • charlesburchfield

    Multiverse? I immediately flashed on the title of bob dylan movie (which I have not seen BTW): I’M NOT THERE. not only am I not there I some times wish I was not here. I was thinking this morning of all the ways I have stopped believing in a god that hates me. I’m not there (anymore) also abt the god who won’t give most
    ppl the benifit of the doubt actually gifting them w delusions & hardening their hearts. Yeah I never bought that abt god. That makes god kinda devilish. I leave that god out of my multiverse. The thing abt my multiverse I am willing to change is the way i’m paranoid abt other ppl’s multiverse impinging on mine.

  • Just Sayin’

    How would we ever discover it?

    • charlesburchfield

      when you wish upon a star…just sayin’.

  • Michael Wilson

    The only you you are is the you you experience being. I suppose that out there in the infinite universe there is a version of me that is a totally cool baller dude and also some creep doing time for nun rape, but they don’t really matter to me except as illustrations of the phrase “if not by the grace of God, so go I”(baller mike no doubt feels that way about me.)

    • That may be – but the question of the extent to which any future you, or afterlife you, is the “same person” is a real one even without parallel universes being brought into the picture.

      • R Vogel

        As my man Heraclitus was fond of saying, ‘You can never step into the same river twice.’