Speak Truth To Power

Speak Truth To Power April 28, 2015

Speak Truth to Power

The quote comes from Annalee Flower Horne on Twitter. See also this bit of satire, showing what it would sound like if the news reported about whites the way it reports about blacks:

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  • There appear quite a few Mexicans and a few Blacks in that mob (two of those pushing over the porta-potties are Black). Kinda subverts your point.

  • Gary

    Mexicans? How do you ID Mexicans in a 5 second video? Blacks? Man, picking out the few blacks in the crowd of whites, you have a Fox News filter. I think you have just proved the whole point of the satire. “Fair and Balanced?” Now I think you are just commenting to get attention.

    • Hair texture, mostly. I doubt they were Chinamen.

      Whites are the majority in America. So when a mob is Black-majority, it’s a disproportionately Black mob. When a mob is about 70% (non-Hispanic) White, as this mob seems to be, it’s not a disproportionately (non-Hispanic) White mob. It’s a little thing called math.

      I’ve claimed to be many things, but fair or balanced were never among them.

      • Gary

        “A little thing called math…” You could get a job with the CIA since you can analyze the content of a mob, down to black, white, Mexican (I assume Mexican Americans, not Mexican Nationals, Central Americans, South Americans), and Chinamen (I’ll refrain from moment on that one), by watching a few seconds of video. Matchless! Anyway, I would hope you recognize satire. Otherwise, even the CIA wouldn’t take you.

  • Now if there was a White-majority riot in South Africa or Brazil…