Tradition (No, No, This is Completely Different!)

Tradition (No, No, This is Completely Different!) April 22, 2015


The cartoon above is one of a few that Bruce Gerencser shared on his blog, in a post highlighting some of the conservative Christian responses to and messages about the upcoming Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage in the United States.

There is a special feature on this topic on the Supreme Court blog. And that in itself is an indication that society is not static. Who imagined 20 years ago that there would be blogs, much less one dedicated to the Supreme Court?

A decision will be made by the court this summer. But whatever decision may be made, it won’t be a “final” one, because marriage, and law, like all aspects of human society, are constantly changing and evolving. If you can’t see it happening over the years that you live, take a look at the Bible. Containing works written over a span of many centuries, it is possible to see changing laws and social realities, if one pays close attention to the dates and the details.


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  • John Pieret

    One note: SCOTUSblog is not the Supreme Court’s blog. It is a blog by lawyers who follow the Supreme Court (and practice before it). Otherwise, you are quite correct.

    After all, the people who wrote glowingly of Abraham, David and Solomon could have hardly have expected that one of the main religious right arguments against same-sex marriage is that it will open the door to polygamy.

    • Thanks for this. I will make some tweaks to the wording of the post!