What Use Is The Bible?

What Use Is The Bible? April 9, 2015

I’m grateful to Daniel Gullotta for drawing my attention to the above video of Joel Baden, speaking about what the Bible becomes when it remains a powerful symbol but its contents largely unknown.

I’ve shared things from Daniel here before, and if you’ve appreciated them, you might be interested to know that he has set up a “Go Fund Me” site to support his aim to go to Yale Divinity School to study the New Testament.

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  • Daniel

    WHAT USE IS THE BIBLE? WHAT USE ARE YOU CREATED THING CREATED BY THE CREATOR? THE BIBLE IS FOR THE NOT SO SPIFFY Perhaps for those opposite seen as the spiffy pic of the man with the sophisticated spectacles and nice suit and clean facial hair hes ready hes got his mind set on carnal things for he is carnal…the bible is for the opposite not that of the carnal but that of the spiritual and those of the world ask what use is the Word.