Genesis 1 (Fixed It For You)

Genesis 1 (Fixed It For You) May 20, 2015

So-called “literal” interpreters of Genesis are often blind to the things they read into the text. And so I thought that this image I came across deserved to be shared. It is an attempt to “fix” the text so that it says what young-earth creationists – and others who deny that it reflects an ancient view of the cosmos – think it should, and claim that it does.

Genesis 1 FIFY

Perhaps it would be interesting to go through the entire Bible, crossing out the things that people ignore or twist to mean something else, and replacing those words with others in red that reflect what people insist that the Bible says, even though it doesn’t?

Of related interest, BioLogos has been reviewing the book Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither?: Three Views on the Bible’s Earliest Chapters, asking if Genesis 1-11 is intended to reflect accurate history.

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