What Biblical Scholars Do

What Biblical Scholars Do May 20, 2015

Bob Cargill Biblical Scholar

Bob Cargill wrote on Facebook, “I’m a biblical scholar. One of my jobs is to show people evidence from the book they supposedly revere that certain claims they make aren’t possible because of what it says in the text they supposedly revere.”

He then added the challenge, “Meme THAT,” and several people did. The above is one of the results.

What he describes is certainly one of the roles of a Biblical scholar. But keep in mind that scholars only have this role because people who claim to revere the Bible don’t study it in any kind of depth or detail, and then proceed to make false claims about the Bible which are incompatible with what the Bible actually says and what the Bible actually shows itself to be.

Sometimes Biblical scholars are accused of attacking the Bible, or of attacking “believers,” or both. But the truth is that most Biblical scholars love the Bible, and are defending it from the distortions, misrepresentations, and lies that are committed by people who praise the Bible, but either don’t know or ignore what it actually says.

Feel free to meme that, too.


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