The One True Religion, With Evidence

The One True Religion, With Evidence May 21, 2015

An Experimental Colony
An Experimental Colony 2
An Experimental Colony 3
An Experimental Colony 4
An Experimental Colony 5
An Experimental Colony 6
An Experimental Colony 7

IO9 shared the above comic, depicting a future in which people have found a way to exploit a religious loophole in laws regarding medical ethics. It is OK to make exceptions for sincerely-held religious beliefs. Well, what if someone finds a way to foster certain beliefs, in the interest of scientific advancement…and profit?

If you like the comic, you may want to pay a visit to Kickstarter to support the project of which it is a part.

But there’s no need to wait for the collection to be finished and published as a whole, to begin discussing the comic!

One thing that is worth considering is that science fiction regularly has religions be true, in the sense that people actually encounter their gods and experience miracles. It claims that those things are due to aliens, or manipulation through technology, or other such things. And so this raises the question of what it means to say religious claims are “true.” Presumably it is not enough to say that one saw, heard, or experienced. Such things can be deceptions. The real question is whether the theological interpretation of the experiences are true. And the experiences themselves do not necessarily allow one to answer that question.

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