Obama’s Texas Invasion Plans Revealed

Obama’s Texas Invasion Plans Revealed May 7, 2015

Obama Texas invasion plan

Greg Carey made this image and shared it on Twitter, and a lot of people have found it entertaining. And so I thought I would share it on the blog for more people to enjoy. There is actually serious irony to several of the arrows. Climate scientists invading from Alabama? Evolutionists from Kansas? I suppose the anti-gay legislation in Arizona might motivate gays to begin an exodus – but why would they head for Texas rather than California?

Perhaps something similar could be said of all these groups – people who accept mainstream science might have good reason Alabama and Kansas. In which case, perhaps Texas is going to be confronting less of an invasion and more of a refugee crisis.

I just hope they have room for all of them in the tunnel system under their Wal-Marts…

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  • I see nothing funny at all about this image.

    Where’s the humor?

  • TomS

    The citizens of Austin are concerned about the situtation:

    Borowitz Report

  • Stephen Yang

    Where are the atheist invaders?

    • TomS

      What does the Book of Revelation have to tell us about this?

    • Oh, we’ve already infiltrated …

      • Stephen Yang

        Oh good. Because I’m lazy.

        • … but we’re pacifists, so you might have to wait a while for the effect …

  • Gary

    Well………I assume they do have a lot of Red Heifers in Texas.

  • AliKat

    It is missing historians? Which state do the historians come from?

    For those who didn’t already know the Texas school board has settled for altering history because they couldn’t argue against science. Moses is a founding father and the ten commandments helped create a basis for democracy. Summoning the aid of academics involved in biblical criticism of the Old Testament would also be helpful on many points. It wouldn’t solve everything as the school board has some other odd arbitrary changes that are not even related to religion

  • walterrhett

    I have suddenly realized all this talk of invading Texas by citizens and the Texas governor, who ordered the Texas Guard to track US troop exercises, is a smoke screen for Texas’ invasion of the rest of the United States! Sen. Cruz (he issued a manifesto of 76 reasons!) and other Texans have demanded President Obama be impeached! Confiscate Dr. Seuss books and conduct re-education by making Texans actually read the Bible. See: http://wp.me/p1mBVu-3XS

  • Oregonerd

    You forgot to show the Starbucks invasion from the PNW on your map. You also forgot to add the locations of the liberal reorientation camps complete with Santa no-fly zones behind every Wall Mart in Texas.