Graduate Doubt-Free

Graduate Doubt-Free May 8, 2015

Graduate Doubt Free

The publicity material continues to emphasize the 95% job placement rate of Butler graduates, and so is presumably a pun on what students might consider preferable, namely to graduate debt-free.

But when I first glanced the signage, I didn’t see the second part, as it was blocked by a vehicle. As a professor in the humanities, I don’t expect students to graduate “doubt-free” in the broader sense. I expect them, as a result of their university education, to be able to cope and learn to succeed and thrive in a world that is a place where doubts are inevitable, and at times appropriate. One of the courses I teach is called “Faith, Doubt, and Reason,” and I believe that a healthy student learns that there is a balance to be achieved, with each playing its role, and none to be eliminated.

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  • Making a living in this Obama economy will take all of the doubt-free confidence you can muster in yourself young people. Try not to transfer too much debt back on your parents when you return to live at home while looking for full-time employment. But you attended Butler U., and that is a great plus for you.

  • Good on Butler for preparing their students for the real world.