The Goal of Human Evolution

The Goal of Human Evolution May 8, 2015

Evolved to serve cats

Scientists, working within the framework of scientific methods, cannot see that the universe, or processes within it like biological evolution, have a goal or purpose.

But there are metaphysical stances which lead some people to view evolution in teleological terms – in other words, as having a goal.

Theism is one such perspective. Cat ownership (the status of being owned by a cat) is another.

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  • Gary

    Religiously picking up cat poop in the litter box every day simply confirms the concept. Heck, I only do communion once a month.

  • John Thomas

    Totally agree. Personally I am only opposed to bringing intelligent design within the framework of science as I believe science needs to be done within its framework of philosophical presuppositions especially looking only for possible natural mechanisms for a given phenomenon and clearly demonstrable teleology. Intelligent design only will stall further enquiry as it does not contribute anything new to the table. But that shouldn’t prevent a philosopher and metaphysician from using information from science to explore options of theistic evolution, teleology, possible meaning etc. to construct reasonable metanarratives out of it.