Sacred Doubt

Sacred Doubt May 12, 2015

Chuck Queen Sacredness Doubt

Healthy doubt is often the prelude to deeper relationships and a richer faith…

If our doubts can lead us into a deeper connection to our faith tradition where orthopraxy trumps orthodoxy and into a deeper relationship with the Divine where love trumps doctrine then we may indeed find religion and spirituality life transforming.Good religion and spirituality make us good and compel us to pursue the good within ourselves and in our larger world, thus inspiring us to work for the common good of society and our planet.

– Chuck Queen, “The Sacredness of Doubt,” Baptist News 

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  • John Thomas

    I loved that quote. I wish that orthopraxy gets a preference over orthodoxy among Christians. I always wonder why teachings of Pelagius were deemed as heresy as I tend to agree with most of the quotes attributed to him by Augustine as accusation.

  • Although nobody ever said why orthodoxy ‘won,’ it seems obvious to me that orthodoxy brings power over the souls/peasants. The church lives on power!