Bad Hebrew = Free Advertising

Bad Hebrew = Free Advertising May 12, 2015

There is a blog dedicated to bad Hebrew tattoos. I had apparently neglected it for a long time, because in a post from quite some time ago, they shared this gem:

horrid tattoo

The person apparently wanted to profess their love for someone, and so decided to do so in Hebrew using Babylon translation software.

If you have ever used automated translation software, you can already tell this is going to be bad.

But what they ended up with is actually even funnier than the standard, slightly ungrammatical or jumbled automated translation.

Somehow, they ended up copying the words “Babylon is the world’s leading dictionary and translation software” in Hebrew, and that’s what they gave the tattoo artist!

Babylon translation software got some free walking advertising for their free software. But it isn’t a very good commercial for their product…

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  • John Thomas

    That gave me a good laugh for the day (no offense to the person who was affected by this).

  • Jessy Dream

    yeah it;s really funny=) That’s why if you need tatto then go to professionals and if you need a good ad campaign you need to go to company who leads successful campaign. I am an owner of a small handmade business and as any owner I am interesting in a profit. But I need to aware ppl about it so ads is my main strategy. And I find one. has a great expertise in the market so I trust them my ads campaign.

    • Gary

      Gee… This wouldn’t possibly be Edward Snowden’s new internet business, would it?

    • Gary

      Too bad. Must be a bot.

  • Gary

    Lucky she didn’t get a tattoo stating she is a virgin. She’d have to check if the translation is NIV or RSV.