Spoiler or Revelation?

Spoiler or Revelation? May 27, 2015


From People in White Coats. The expectation of an apocalyptic return of Jesus in the Bible is something that, in our era of much-decreased Biblical literacy, might indeed surprise some people. I’ve heard lots of people refer to “the second coming of Jesus Christ” and mean, not a descent from heaven on clouds of Jesus who previously ascended, but the birth of someone who will discover that they are to play a decisive role towards the end of history, akin to that of Jesus, or perhaps will at some point discover that, despite not remembering it at first, they in fact are Jesus.

Have you encountered that viewpoint, very different from what the New Testament authors meant by the parousia of Jesus?

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  • Andrew Dowling

    ? That basically they’ll be a “Jesus Part 2” that starts out as a baby? Fascinating . .I honestly never knew that belief existed or was at all common.

    • Gakusei Don

      I’ve seen a few stories with the premise that Jesus is reborn in modern times. Possibly the best known one is “Omen III: The Final Conflict”, with Sam Neill as the anti-Christ. There is a ‘Star of Bethlehem’ event over London indicating that Christ had just been born, and Neill gets his goons to kill all the babies born on that day. Good movie!

  • John Thomas

    That seems like a reincarnatory view of second coming. I don’t think any of the current ‘orthodox’ Christians hold to that view. Even though I have to say that I think many Jews in early centuries of common era did believe in reincarnation. Gospels does seem to allude that many Jews believed that John the Baptist and Jesus to be reincarnations of Elijah and Elisha. I maybe wrong.

  • Nick G

    I recall writing a short story (as a school assignment) somewhat along those lines at around 13 or 14 – the story didn’t commit itself, and nor I think did the putative returned messiah, as to whether he was or was not in fact Jesus. But he performed wonders, strove for social justice, and came to a sticky end. Now I think of it, around the same time I read Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light, in which a revolutionary adopts the persona of the Buddha in an attempt to overthrow the tyrannous “gods” – actually humans who have assumed the identities of Hindu deities; so I may have been influenced by that.