Taking KJV-Onlyism As Far As It Can Go

Taking KJV-Onlyism As Far As It Can Go May 5, 2015

I thought that the view of the King James Version of the Bible that Stuff Fundies Like shared last week was extreme. Then they shared this doctrinal statement from Cornerstone Independent Baptist Church:

english bible

Some will think this represent faithfulness to the Bible and to God. But I hope most readers can see it for what it really is: an arbitrary assertion that one’s preferred translation of the Bible is itself divinely revealed, so that one can sidestep difficult questions of evidence, of scholarship, and so on.

Ironically, there were those who claimed something similar for the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. They didn’t have the audacity to claim that the Greek now supersedes the Hebrew, but they tried to give the impression that the translation itself was inspired and so on a par with the Hebrew text of which it was supposed to be a translation.

But perhaps most offensive is the ethnocentrism: declaring one’s own language the “universal language” of the “last days.”


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