Vote for Donuts

Vote for Donuts May 5, 2015


This Pearls Before Swine comic offers a different perspective on creationism and evolution. Often people debate big picture worldview questions, and don’t realize that neither appeals, because both seem irrelevant to real life and its daily concerns. Like donuts.

"I see they defined 'historical' as prior to WW1."

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  • Do I believe in God? No. Do I have a personal relationship with donuts? The answer is a resounding yes!

  • Gakusei Don

    Vote for Donuts = vote for Intelligent Design? Or at least Deliciously Designed!

  • Gary

    Even donuts have holes in them (most anyway). Like most theology. But donuts say a lot about creation. If their center is a hole, they must have been created ex nihilo (at least they appear magically at 7/11 every morning). They seem to be connected to expansion of the universe (as determined by my belt requiring loosening on a regular basis). Their center represents the navel (if you are gnostic). Their center represents the Big Bang and Black Holes (if you happen to be a physicist; I’ve never met a physicist that didn’t like donuts). AND there is a model of the universe as a donut in topology. What’s not to like?