What Is Progressive Christianity?

What Is Progressive Christianity? May 19, 2015

Progressive Christianity is a broad tradition

The quote is from yesterday’s post, “Progressive Christianity in the Spotlight.” The background image is Miami Chapel.

Of related interest, David Schnell offered a response to the claim of critics of progressive Christianity to represent “Biblical Christianity.” He writes:

The myth is that so-called Biblical Christianity is tenable, that it exists, and that it is not merely a superior form of Christianity, but the only true Christianity available to human beings by which we must be saved, and that all other forms of Christianity, by implication, are “unbiblical.”

“Biblical Christianity,” then, is really just a way for conservative Christians to claim the theological high ground and insult anyone who disagrees with them by creating a litmus test from out-of-context proof texts and announcing arrogantly, “We’re the ones who are right because we have these verses, and if you don’t agree with us, even if you have verses, you’re wrong because, unlike us, you’re unbiblical, and you’re not going to heaven.”

The best way to play that game is not to play, but the second-best and most fun is to out-proof-text the proof-texters and call “unbliblical” on them before they call it on you.

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