Is There Intersexuality in this Periscope?

Is There Intersexuality in this Periscope? May 18, 2015

Bryan Lewis suggested on Facebook that pericope is a word that Biblical studies scholars ought to phase out, perhaps replacing it with something more commonly used in English, such as “passage.”

I suggested that a good reason for phasing out pericope is that it is not in most electronic devices’ dictionaries, and so has a tendency to autocorrect to periscope. Indeed, I recently read a draft of a manuscript which had “periscope” where “pericope” was meant.

And so Bryan shared two images of the offered autocorrections on his own computer:

intertextuality autocorrect  pericope autocorrect

Hence the title of this post. I could well imagine a New Testament article in which unproofread autocorrect led to reference being made to “intersexuality in this Pauline periscope” or something of that sort.

What words that ought to be in your device’s dictionary are not, leading to frustrating autocorrects? And what terms have become so obscure that they ought to be phased out, and not just for the technologically-related reasons mentioned above?

Obviously setting autocorrect wisely, and proofreading, are also viable solutions to this problem…

"Thank you, both for your comment and for your article!"

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