God Outranks Ken Ham

God Outranks Ken Ham June 26, 2015

God outranks Ken Ham

From God of Evolution. Young-earth creationists regularly claim that accepting evolution is putting the words of human beings above the Word of God.

That is precisely backwards, Biblically speaking as well as logically.

Young-earth creationists claim to believe that God is the Creator, and so rejecting the testimony of the work of God’s hands is rejecting God’s own testimony.

And what they appeal to instead of the work of God’s own hands are – you guessed it – human writings. The writings included in the Bible are not God’s direct handiwork, and to play them off against the work of God’s hands is to – you guessed it – put the words of human beings above the Word and work of God.

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  • John Pieret

    Nicely put.

  • This is my favorite quote: “Rejecting the testimony of the work of God’s hands is rejecting God’s own testimony.”

  • The word of God.

    “Humans wrote the Bible; God wrote the rocks.”

    And a youtube version.

    • PorlockJunior

      Splendid video.

      I am morally obliged, though, to do this nitpicking: Galileo was never tortured. Threatened(*) with it, yes; but he recanted, without calling their bluff, having more constructive things still to do (**) than martyrdom.

      (*) Fair and balanced: If you want a balancing wrong teaching on the other side, consider the notion, which has gained some attention lately, that They Really Didn’t Mean It.

      `It’s all her fancy, that: they never executes nobody, you know’ said the Gryphon, to Alice.

      Galileo was a youngish scholar, already holding an academic post, when Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for heresy. (*What* particular heresy is not relevant. It was heresy.)

      (**) He published Two New Sciences, one of the enduring classics of physics, in 1638 — illegally, per the standing decree of the Inquisition — in Holland, where they didn’t give much of a damn what the Inquisition thought.

  • Well said James! If the Bible contradicts the evidence of our own eyes then we have to accept that the humans who wrote the Bible got it all wrong and it’s time to ditch the Bible as being unreliable. There is plenty of empirical evidence out there for us to believe, without having to worry about correlating it with a faulty book.

  • I like to point out that it is easier to edit a text than to edit a mountain.

    Creationists are also denying the very book they claim to venerate. YEC cannot be reconciled with Psalm 85:11 which reads, “Truth springs from the earth; and righteousness looks down from heaven.” The Hebrew word translated here as “truth,” emet, basically means “certainty and dependability.”

  • Theophilous

    Any body else notice that the earth in that picture is backwards?

    Makes you wonder if the rest of their argument is bass ackwards as well.

    • Nofun

      Backwards from who’s perspective?

    • PorlockJunior

      Citation, please. A quick scan via the snapshots yielded very few clear pictures of the (pardon the hippie expression) Whole Earth. At 1:34 there is a pretty clear one, from an old map, and there’s nothing wrong with it beyond the fact that it *is* old, which I think was probably deliberate.

  • Derek Houser

    This article is total baloney. The real science actually proves of a young earth.

    • Thank you for posting this unjustified assertion, and illustrating that that is what young-earth creationists think matters. You can ignore all the evidence – you just need to say that you are right and others are wrong with sufficient confidence, and your wish will magically come true.