It Is Dangerous To Deny Q

It Is Dangerous To Deny Q June 19, 2015


Q with Klingon t-shirt 3

For the purists, the t-shirt really should say this:

Q in the original Klingon

(Q is better when you read it in the original Klingon).

And for those few readers who may not know Klingon at all, the t-shirt says:

“Mark Goodacre says there is no Q. We will engage him in battle in November!”

Hopefully readers of this blog know enough about Q on Star Trek, Q as part of the predominant solution to the Synoptic problem, and Mark Goodacre’s views about Q (in the latter sense rather than the former) to get the joke.

The text on the t-shirt was provided by Gail Dawson on Facebook.



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  • summers-lad

    I know about Q and Q but I’d never heard of Mark Goodacre.

    • summers-lad

      Good t-shirt though!

  • Neko